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Welcome to Yoga, Spirit & Strength - Hatha yoga classes in and around the Garstang area designed to help you Relax, Rebalance and Re-energise. Classes are for both men and women (yes guys you too can do yoga it's not just for the ladies) and for various abilities from beginners to intermediate. There are also specialised classes; Beginners class for those who are new to yoga and want to take things easy, Intermediate class for those wanting to deepen their practise both physically and spiritually, Anti & Post natal classes to help aid mother and baby and a Gentle Class for those of the older generation and/or less able bodied, with health conditions and/or physical disabilities.

The classes consist of meditation, breathing exercises, flowing routines, holding postures and relaxation. They are ideal for those who want to stretch, tone and increase flexibility, relax and unwind from mental or emotional stress or ease symptoms of certain health conditions including arthritis, back & joint pain, asthma, hypertension & digestive disorders, just to name a few. No one is too young or too old either as there is something for everyone. 

Please take a look round the site to find out more about yoga - its origins and benefits, class info & timetables and work sheets for you to download and use at home. Also keep a look out for promotions and forthcoming workshops and special health features and if you have any questions or queries please call or email me.  Hope to meet you soon.

Om Shanti (Peace)



Teacher Information

All classes are taught by Samantha Slade who has 18 years experience in practising yoga and 13 years of teaching. Samantha completed her main training over 2 years with Saraswati Neville who runs her own studio and training programme in Surrey. She then studied a further 18 months with Saraswati learning how to teach Pregnancy Yoga and Childrens Yoga.

In 2012 she did some intensive training with Shiva Rea learningVinyasa (Flow) Yoga which inspired her style of practise and the way she delivers her classes. Then in more recent years she has studied with Yogacampus completeing a variety of Yoga Therapy courses and also Yoga for Sport.


                       Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)                                                            Bridge Pose (Sethu Bandhasana)